Industrial Double-Sided Tape


High adhesion, widely used in membrance keypads, nameplates, plastics, metals, foams, mechanical parts and components assembling.

Electronics Tapes


High temperature resistance and residue free after removal. PCB industry and components manufacturing, silver dipping process of resistors, capacitors, and inductors.


QFN Tape (Acrylic PSA)

Quad Flat No-leads Package

The tape specially used in semiconductor IC chip QFN(Quad Flat No-leads) packaging process
The purpose of an application on Lead Frame prior to Molding package and after Wire bonding, to prevent the circuited Epoxy from being overflowed.

Specialty Tapes


Glass fiber tape for thermal spray, UV debonding, thermal debonding, low-temp debonding, specially developed for aerospace industry and semiconductor manufacturing process for grinding, polishing, cutting.